Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings

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Fan Fiction

Various offerings from talented authors... All revolving around JRRT's Middle Earth


Fourth Age Yule

By Belle Bayard
Rated G (with brief mentions of het d/t canon pairings) Aragorn contemplates the past and the future in Minas Tirith on the eve of the first Yule of the Fourth Age. He finds comfort and companionship among those who love him.


Ebony and Gold

By Belle Bayard
Rated G. Glorfindel, born to a couple in the Grey Havens who sailed to Aman upon his thirtieth year (approximately the equivalent of 10 years old in human terms) goes with Cirdan to Imladris for fostering. There he meets a very shy and beautiful young Elfling that appeals greatly to him. What will become of this? Inspired by Nemesi's lovely pic in her LJ.

The Forgotten Hobbit

By Happy Hobbit
A tale of a young Hobbit woman's misadventures. Part 1/?
Rated PG-13 - Note: British spellings used in this story

Mordor and Beyond

By Happy Hobbit
The Hobbit woman and her child's sorrows in Mordor. Part 2/?
Rated R: Graphic torture and mutilation... Not for the faint of heart.

Shadows of the Past

Chapter 1/?
Shadows on the Mountain
By Keeper of Vilya
The lost tale of Lord Elrond between the time of the Battle of the Last Alliance and the forming of the Fellowship.
Rated: G (Also archived on the Council of Elrond)

Chapter 2/?


Lines are Crossed


by Keeper of Vilya


A lost scene... Aranel and Elrond grow closer, but his advisor worries this will affect his ability to lead.


Rated: PG

Lord and Guardian - Parts 0-1

By Blue and jaya

WARNING: SLASH! EXPLICIT! If you are offended by either or are under age, do not read this!

Rating: Varies from G to up to NC-17

Summary: Haldir and Celeborn want each other, but will they ever learn the others feelings? Part 0 explains the origins of this story, Part 1 has Celeborn trying to determine just how Haldir feels about him.

Lord and Guardian, Parts 2 & 3

By Blue and jaya
Rating: From G to NC-17
Summary: Haldir makes a disturbing discovery,which pains all concerned. He finds Lord Elrond's son, Elrohir, entering Lothlorien to visit Celeborn and fleeing his own sorrow. They end up comforting each other.

Lord and Guardian, parts 4 & 5

By Blue and jaya
Rated: R to NC-17
Haldir and Elrohir grow closer, but their problems only get worse. When they travel to meet Celeborn, neither knows what to expect.

Lord and Guardian, parts 6 & 7

Rated: PG to R
Misery grows as Haldir sees Celeborn with the one he believes owns his lord's heart. Celeborn senses something about his grandson, Elrohir, and Haldir, which hurts him. Sorrow abounds in Lothlorien.

Lord and Guardian, parts 8 & 9

Rated: R to NC-17
Fleeing from his sorrow, Haldir seeks his brothers' assistance. They quiz him unmercifully, but he admits only to meeting Elrohir. Elrond's son finds his way to Haldir's home, where both decide to explore their relationship further. Finally, chapter 9 finished - the aforementioned "smut" chapter :-)  Warning:  Very graphic and explicit smut scenes.  

Lord and Guardian, parts 10 & 11

Rated:  R (C/T m/m implied)
Upon discovering the truth of Haldir's relationship with Elrohir, Celeborn flees. He finds some comfort in Tinendel's company... More pain revealed... Get out those hankies!


By Belle Bayard/Ithilgalad
Rated: NC-17 (het)
Inspired by AC's Folly of Starlight's addition called "Tatel" this goes on to give a peek into Thranduil's bedroom the night Legolas' life begins (his conception).

Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings