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Lord and Guardian - 8 & 9

Part 8/?


A guest for dinner

Rated PG
After Haldir and Elrohir comfort each other, and warm feelings grow between them, complications arise for all when they come back to Caras Galadhorn. Haldir seeks the assistance of his brothers and prepares for a night with Elrohir.

Haldir walked swiftly along the path leading to the guardhouse, in search of his brothers. He felt exhausted, both mentally and physically, after the strain he had been under during the ordeal in the reception hall. His control had not slipped until he accidentally had met Celeborn's eyes for just a second oh, those eyes, they had almost undone him - but fortunately he had managed to look away and regain his control before breaking down.

Thinking about Celeborn's lover, boldly standing so close to him, even in public, infuriated him - he had even had the gall to touch him - involuntarily Haldir rubbed his hand on his tunic, as if trying to remove the feel of those fingers. The increasing anger, tinged with pain and bitterness towards Celeborn, made him desperately want to forget the whole thing ever happened. He needed distraction, and looked forward to seeing his brothers again.

Besides, he would meet Elrohir again soon, and that thought lifted his heart. Memories of him, his hair, his face, his laughter, their morning in the talan - began to fill his mind, gradually suppressing his troubled thoughts. Yes, they would meet again in his talan this evening, they would share a meal, and then... thoughts of those sweet lips filled his head, making him inadvertently lick his lips and smile in anticipation. Now, if he could only find his brothers to change his watches for tomorrow and perhaps even more days - he longed to spend as much time as possible with Elrohir. Suddenly seeing both his brothers emerging from the guardhouse, he smiled and waved at them.

"Suilad, Rumil and Orophin!"

Orophin gave a start hearing his name, and looked in the direction of the voice. "Oh, hello little brother." He smiled widely, and gave Haldir a quick hug. "I did not know you had come back."

Taking his brother's place to pull Haldir into a tight hug, Rumil studied him for a moment before messing up Haldir's hair with a slight grin. "What brings you back brother?" he asked casually. "We had not thought to see you for some time, the way you left."

Returning the hug with a little smile, Haldir asked, suspiciously, "What do you mean the way I left? I did not leave my post. I was sent to collect some documents, which I did."

"You may be able to hide from others, but we are you brothers, you know," Rumil replied, arm hooking around his shoulder. "Now come tell us, what has brought you back?"

Haldir looked from Rumil to Orophin, studying their eager faces, and sighed. Folding an arm around each of them, he smiled slightly. "I am starving. Why can we not get something to eat, and then we can talk?"

"Yes, that was just what I wanted to suggest," Orophin chimed in, looking at Rumil. "What do you say, big brother? Should we bring some food from the canteen up to Haldir's talan? It is the nearest."

"Yes, come on, Rumil," Haldir added, "and bring some wine, too."

Rumil laughed, throwing his hands into the air with a look at the two of them. "Go on you two. I will go find us something to eat and bring it up. I am sure Orophin can keep you occupied until I get there," he added winking at Haldir. "But do not think that you are going to get out of talking to us."

With a smile and a wink, Haldir placed a hand on his shoulder. "Bring some extra. We will have a guest later."

Orophin gave him a surprised look. "Who then?"

"I will tell you later." Haldir smiled. "Come on now."

Rumil arched an eyebrow at that, but shrugged, pushing the two of them down the path. "I will be there in a little bit." He gave Haldir a smirk. "With extra, for whoever it is that will be joining us." Tucking a strand of hair back away from his face, he turned away to get aforementioned food.

Orophin tried to get his brother to tell him who the mysterious guest would be, but Haldir just smiled and would not answer. In the end, he shrugged and continued to tell about the skirmish he had had with a couple of Orcs the day before. Standing on the floor of Haldir's talan, Orophin was in the middle of a vivid rendition of how he had decapitated the last Orc, when they saw Rumil coming towards them with two baskets, one with food and the other with wine bottles.

"Finally!" Haldir laughed when he saw him. "Come and save me from your brother's stories!"

Orophin gave him an offended snort and turned his back on him, arms folded over his chest.

"From our brother's stories do you mean?" Rumil asked with an amused grin, setting the baskets down on the small table with a chuckle. "I think not. You leave him with me long enough, you should have to endure some of his stories for a time." Rumil winked at Orophin, flopping down into a seat with a tired yawn, stretching for a moment. "So when is this mysterious guest of yours arriving?"

Haldir was busy going through the baskets, placing the contents out on the table. "He is not mysterious," he said finally. "He is simply a friend of ours - one of Elrond's twins. He came here alone, and would like some company."

"Oh really?" Rumil said, lifting his head from where he had let it fall back, with a grin. "What kind of company is the young son of Elrond after, pray tell brother?" he asked with a teasing grin. "Or is that something we may not know?"

Not looking at his brothers, Haldir pretended to busy himself with the plates of food, turning slowly pink all the way up to the tip of his ears. "I do not know what you mean," he mumbled, embarrassed.

Orophin, who had been sitting sulking in his chair, lit up at the sight of his brother. "Ha, ha! Look at him! I do believe he is blushing!"

"I do believe you are right," Rumil agreed, sitting forward laughing. "Come Haldir, do tell us! And you must not leave anything out." He chuckled. "It has indeed been too long, especially for you."

"Too long for what?" Haldir muttered. Mortified, he fumbled frantically with a wine bottle, unable to open it,and  finally gave up and set it on the table, knocking over one of the glasses. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

"Since you had sex, or did anything with anyone," Rumil replied, smirking and raking fingers through his hair. "Is that explicit enough for you, brother, or perhaps we have to show you?"

Haldir straightened up and gave Rumil an offended look, still quite pink. "And since when was my love life any of your business, dear brother?"

Orophin burst out in guffawing laughter. "Look at him," he pointed. "He looks like a raspberry!" He collapsed in his chair, wiping his eyes.

"Most definitely he does," Rumil agreed, laughing as he leaned back in the seat. "So is he good, brother?" Rumil asked watching Haldir with a grin. It was definitely fun to make his brother blush, especially when there was good reason to do so.

"Oh, cease and desist, you two," Haldir grumbled, turning his back to them, attempting to open the wine bottle again. "Why do you think it's something like that?"

"Because of the way you are blushing, and because of the way you are acting," Rumil said promptly. "You never act like this unless something is up, so out with it. Or perhaps we shall have to tickle it out of you!" He threw Orophin a look.

"Yes, most certainly we shall," Orophin sniggered, and scrambled to his feet. "You cannot have any secrets from us."

"Hey, wait!" Haldir cried out, hurriedly hiding behind the table. "I am certainly not blushing! And what do you mean, 'acting like that'? I do not like your questions about my sex life, that is all."

"Since when have you had a sex life, brother? You have been with maybe two people in the course of the last five years, if even that. I would hardly call that a sex life... However, that does seem to imply that you 'have' done something!" Rumil stood up and moved towards Haldir with an evil little grin. "So come and tell us."

"Oh, yes. He has definitely done something. He has never even used the term 'my sex life' before," Orophin laughed, closing in on his brother, following him around the table.

"Leave me be!" Haldir yelled, trying to escape between them to the door.

Rumil quickly jumped over the chair to move between him and the door, blocking his escape. "You are not going anywhere, brother, until you tell us just what is going on," he said, laughing as he slowly advanced towards Haldir.

Orophin attacked Haldir from the flank, trying to grab him, forcing him into a corner.

"Get away from me, you... you Orcs!" Haldir laughed, stumbling over a chair trying to escape Orophin, falling on his back.

Pouncing on him, Rumil made sure to pin him to the floor, sitting on his legs and reaching up to try and grab his hands so that he could not get away. "Come on Orophin," Rumil said, laughing as he glanced over at his brother.

Desperate, Haldir flung his arms about, trying to get a hold on any of his brothers. "Stop!"

Orophin took a dive and landed on his chest, knocking the air out of him, grabbing for the flailing arms, pinning them to the floor with his arms and legs, and smirked at Rumil. "He is all yours now, brother!"

Letting Orophin take care of Haldir's arms, Rumil began to tickle the poor Elf mercilessly, unable to help but laugh as he did so. In the meanwhile, Orophin intensified the attacks from the other end, tickling violently everywhere he could reach.

"No..ho...o...sto..hoo...op ...ooh..." Haldir gasped, laughing so hard he was sobbing, writhing helplessly under his brothers' ruthless tickling "...I goin... to..o... wet pa..hants... sto.. op..!!"

Finally Rumil rolled over onto the floor, laughing too hard to continue, tears coming down his cheeks. Giggling helplessly, Orophin lost his hold on Haldir's arms, and was promptly thrown off his chest, landing in a chuckling heap in a corner.

Gasping, Haldir lay limp on the floor, trying to catch his breath, wiping his eyes, still laughing. "Why are you so cruel to me? Thanks to you I now have to change my clothes..." he managed, before launching into another fit of laughter.

"Now, you need to tell us what is going on," Rumil replied, between breaths and laughter, an arm flopping across Haldirs waist. "Or must we go at it again?"

Crawling back to them, Orophin collapsed beside Haldir. "Yes, tell us, brother. We 'know' that something has happened."

"No, please! You are killing me," Haldir cried, pretending to be scared, still out of breath. "Just let me recover first,' he pleaded.

"What, and give you a chance to think of some way to get out of it?' Rumil asked, chuckling. "I think we had better not do that. Come brother, the sooner you tell us the sooner it will be over."

"All right, I give up," Haldir sighed. "Just ask, and I will answer. What do you want to know?"

"Everything," Rumil answered with a knowing grin. "Details, Haldir." He tickled his brother lightly. "Tell us."

"No, stop!" Haldir yelled. "All right, I like him - are you happy now?"

"That was 'not' details, younger brother," Rumil said, rolling over to pin Haldir to the ground. "I said details, and that does mean details."

"Like when did you two get together?" Orophin added, poking him in the side. "I did not even know you knew him that well."

Suddenly serious, Haldir looked from one brother to the other. "You know not all that has happened, and I know not whether I am able to tell you everything. It has all been so difficult..." Sighing, he sat up, looking down in his lap. "'Tis true that I met him when he arrived at the border and I escorted him here. He has been very kind to me and I like him very much - and I would like to continue seeing him while he is here."

Slowly sitting up, Rumil leaned against the wall, his hand coming up to wipe tears of mirth from his own cheeks. His expression a little more serious this time, he reached over to touch Haldir's cheek gently. "I think it would be good for you to see more of him. But come, you can speak to us of what has happened. What troubles you Haldir?"

For a long time, Haldir sat looking down at his hands, then finally he said softly, "It is very hard for me to speak of it. Perhaps I will, little by little, but it pains me to think of it. I have been taking all these extra watches the last days because I was heavy of heart, and needed time to think. Elrohir has also had a painful experience, and he has come here to recuperate. During our travel through the wood, we have talked much, and helped start the healing of our hearts. Being with him makes me happy, and I think it makes him happy too. We need to continue being together, to support each other." Shaking his head slowly, he fingered his disheveled hair.

There was silence in the room for a time, the mood having broken a little. Rumil finally nodded, and leaning over, kissed Haldir on the top of his head. "Should you wish to speak of it more to us, you know we will listen, brother, and do what we can," he said with a little smile, standing up and offering Haldir his hand. "Now come, what say you we open a bottle of this wine? While we wait for...." His gaze strayed to the door, and the hesitant figure that stood in it.

Orophin embraced Haldir and hugged him tight, before letting go and standing up. "Our brother is right, you know. Come and talk to us when you need help." Noticing Rumil stopping in mid-sentence, he turned his head to the door. "Oh, hello, lord Elrohir. Please come in. It is a pleasure to see you."

Haldir's head turned quickly when he heard Elrohir mentioned, and he hurriedly got to his feet, smiling at Elrohir.

Elrohir returned the smile a little uncertain at the three brothers' reception. He felt a bit like he had interrupted something he should not have. He nodded to Orophin. "Just Elrohir here, please," he replied quietly, tucking a dark strand of hair back away from his face. I know I came a bit early, but I had nothing else to do and I..." He glanced down at the floor, not sure why he was feeling so uncertain about everything. Hed never felt like this before except with... No I will not. Elrohir pushed the thought from his mind.

"Come in," Rumil said before Haldir could, walking over to pull him into the room.

Still smiling, Haldir walked over to Elrohir and gave him a tight hug. "I am so glad to see you," he whispered. "It is all right, my brothers know about us.' Leading him over to the table, discreetly pulling up an overturned chair, he waved his hand at his brothers. "You already know Orophin and Rumil well. They will have dinner with us, if that is all right with you."

"As am I to see you, and of course I do not mind," Elrohir replied, his smile for Haldir.

"Rumil," Orophin whispered quite loudly, "come and help me open the wine."

Rumil made a face at Orophin, but walked over to join his brother, giving the two of them a little bit of privacy and Elrohir a wink that made him blush.

"Are you feeling awkward about my brothers being here?" Haldir asked almost inaudibly. "Are you tired perhaps? I could ask them to leave if you feel weary. I know I am after our travel." Looking at Elrohir with a gentle smile, he stroked his cheek.

"Perhaps a little tired," Elrohir replied leaning into the gentle touch, with a smile. "But they do not need to go if they do not wish. I do not mind the company." He leaned forward to brush a soft kiss against Haldir's lips.

Haldir returned the kiss with full force, holding him tight. Still smiling, he murmured into the soft lips, "I really am very glad to have you here. I have been thinking about you. Did you hear what I told my brothers?"

'They worry about you," Elrohir commented softly, leaning against Haldir for a little while. "However, I am glad to be here..."

"But did you hear what I told them? That being with you made me happy?" Haldir insisted.

"Aye, I did," Elrohir whispered, looking up into his eyes for the first time, a hint of blush creeping up his cheeks. "I could say the same of you," he added quietly, moving to rest his head on Haldirs shoulder.

Haldir just cradled him tight, not saying anything, smiling happily.

" Elrohir and Haldir, dinner is served," Orophin said, gently touching Haldir's shoulder. "Why not come now, while the food is still warm?" He smiled kindly, and showed them towards the table.

Pulling away from Haldir slightly, Elrohir smiled at Orophin and Rumil, feeling more comfortable here then he had in a long time, at least with anyone other then Haldir. He caught Rumil's returning smile, as he pulled Haldir down onto the couch with himself.

"Wine for all," Rumil commented, coming over with four glasses and passing them around to each.

After having wined and dined, and then wined some more, everybody talked and laughed happily. Finally, Orophin stood up, tugging Rumil's arm. "It grows getting late. I think we should leave now, brother."

Turning to Haldir, seeing him and Elrohir gazing into each other's eyes, he added, "What would you say, Haldir, if Rumil and I took your watches the next few days? You have been working far too much lately, and need to rest."

Rumil laughed. "A rest. I doubt he will get much of a rest." He winked at Orophin, but nodded in agreement. "But still I believe you are right Orophin." Standing, Rumil yawned. "We will take your next few shifts and you will enjoy the time off, no arguing."

Elrohir was blushing, but more from a bit too much wine as his mind, slightly fogged, did not register the words until after they were said. He gave Rumil a rather evil look. "Careful, or you might not get him back," he commented with a smirk of his own.

Laughing, Haldir hooked his arms around Elrohir and gave him a passionate kiss. "Oh, yes, I would like that," he said with a grin. Turning to his brothers, he gave them a grateful smile. "Thank you, my brothers. You are so kind to me." Standing up, he gave each of his brothers a big hug.

Orophin, returning the hug, winked at him. "You deserve it, brother." Nudging his side with his elbow and winking, he added mischievously, "And you need it, too."

Elrohir watched the brothers with a little smile, not moving to join him. He stayed where he was on the couch, leaning back and feeling definitely more than a little drunk. His fingers tangled in his rather mussed dark hair.

"I am glad you agree, or we would have had to tickle you into submission again," Rumil commented, laughing as he pulled Haldir into another tight hug. He turned to Elrohir as he let his brother go. "Take care of him for us."

"I will," Elrohir replied, his blush darkening.

Haldir followed his brothers to the door, hugging them both once more, and closed the door behind them. Coming back to the table, he sat down next to Elrohir again, pulled him close in a tender kiss, and lifted his glass. "I have probably had too much wine already, but I would just like to make a toast for us, Elrohir. Thanks to my brothers, we will now have several days together, free to do whatever we want." Smiling widely, he nipped at Elrohir's ear and held his glass up.

"We could always share a glass, and then you would not have to drink another whole one," Elrohir murmured softly, leaning forward to kiss Haldir gently on the lips. "Remind me to thank your brothers properly later when I am not half drunk and slightly afraid I will fall over if I try and stand up." His eyes were laughing though, as he raised his glass to Haldir's. "To you and to me," he said softly, before downing what was left in the glass in one drink.

"To you and me, Elrohir," Haldir whispered, emptying his glass, and then embracing Elrohir in a big warm hug, tenderly nuzzling into his hair. "I am so glad you are here with me."

Elrohir did not say anything, setting his glass down as he moved into the hug, leaning against Haldir. Nothing needed saying, for each knew they needed the other, at least in this point and time; that was enough. Elrohir closed his eyes for the moment, content to simply be with Haldir, lost in his warm sweet embrace.


Part 9/?


Finally we have finished this chapter - the aforementioned "smut" chapter :-)  Warning:  Very graphic and explicit smut scenes.  Thanks to Meg and Belle for "interactive inspiration and contribution" during an all night chat.  Jaya and Blue.
Rated: NC-17
Elrohir has just shared a nice meal with Haldir
                  and his brothers. Things get very interesting.
                  angst, comfort, smut, loving, complications.
                  plays Elrohir and Blue plays Haldir.
Thanks to the
                  livejournal Lord and Guardian for letting us use their name for our favourite couple.

After Haldir's two brothers left, Elrohir sat with Haldir for a time, neither of them saying anything. Finally, Elrohir chuckled softly, feeling better than he had in a long time. Definitely drunk, he thought to himself. He ran a hand through his messed up hair, pulling away to look at Haldir, a slow grin spreading across his face. "Do you like being tickled?" he asked, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

"Ai, no! Not you too!" Haldir laughed, pretending to move away from Elrohir. The room swam a little before his eyes and he felt warm and giddy. Giggling slightly, he poked Elrohir in the side.

"Oh, no you don't!" Elrohir batted at Haldir's hand, making a face at him. When he tried to pull away he ended up further atop Haldir rather than farther away. "I get enough of that from Elladan."

"Then you should be careful what you ask for," Haldir cautioned with a grin. He hooked an arm around Elrohir, dragging him closer, while continuing to poke his ribs and evade his arms.

Elrohir made a soft sound. When he found he could not get away from Haldir's invasions, he tried to tickle Haldir back, finally collapsing into giggles as he curled up against the other Elf. "Haldir, pllleeassee!"

Haldir rolled over on his back on the bed, Elrohir on top of him. Unable to do anything except giggle helplessly, he folded both his arms around the young Elf to hold him at bay.

Curling up on top of him, Elrohir suddenly became more aware of Haldir's heated body near his own than he had been all night. Perhaps it had been the presence of Haldir's brothers, the distraction of the conversation and the wine that had kept him from really noticing it or his own reaction all night. But now... Now, Elrohir groaned softly, snuggling closer against Haldir.

Feeling the warm body pressing close to him aroused Haldir slightly. He lifted Elrohir's face to his own with both hands and kissed him rather passionately, shifting under him to cover his body even more.

Elrohir helped Haldir as best he could till he lay fully on top of him, bodies pressed together. He made a soft sound, nipping gently at Haldir's lower lip. "Haldir..." he murmured tenderly, feeling his own body start to react to Haldir's presence and the direction of his own thoughts. His inhibitions had lowered because of the alcohol in his system, though body hadn't really needed any helping along.

Already feeling pleasantly warm from the wine, Haldir did not need much response from Elrohir before the heat spread through his body. He moaned softly and arched slightly into Elrohir, wanting the response from the other's body, unable to think of anything else.

Shifting deeper into Haldir's embrace, Elrohir caught his lips for another hot, passionate kiss. Then, when Elrohir nibbled at his neck, Haldir's lips traveled down along Elrohir's jaw. "I want to feel your body against mine," he murmured.

"As I do, Elrohir," Haldir mumbled into his hair. "But I want to feel all of it - your skin all over me... Come. Get up. Let me take these off you," he whispered breathlessly. His cheeks flushed, he tugged at Elrohir's tunic, starting to push him off his body.

Elrohir sighed softly, letting Haldir push him away, then knelt between the seated Elf's legs. He touched Haldir's cheek gently, and then slid his hand down to rest lightly on Haldir's leg where it joined his body. His thumb brushed farther inward near the growing bulge in the older Elf's leggings.

Haldir groaned at the enticing touch, breathing more heavily. "Oh, you make this difficult," he moaned, leaning forward to tear at Elrohir's tunic. He claimed his mouth eagerly, letting their tongues roll together. Sliding the tunic down from the other's shoulders with both hands, he moved his groin eagerly against Elrohir's hand.

Elrohir slid his hand over to touch Haldir fully, letting his head fall back. His eyes nearly closed as Haldir pulled his tunic off. A better idea slipped through his rather fogged mind as both his hands came up to pull at his lover's tunic, returning the kiss with equal passion. At the moment he could care less what happened the rest of the night or the rest of his life just as long as this feeling lasted, the need that coursed through his body.

Hands stroking up and down Elrohir's back, Haldir pulled him close and carefully maneuvered them to rise without breaking the kiss. So close he could feel the heat from Elrohirs body, he let their tunics fall carelessly to the floor. He slid his hands down to cup his lover's firmly rounded buttocks, then pressed against him, grinding their hardened lengths together. "I must feel all of you now," he panted, moving his mouth from Elrohir's lips to his jaw line, sucking at the delicate skin.

Elrohir whimpered softly, eyes half closed, cheeks flushed with arousal that echoed through his entire body. He pressed against Haldir's fingers, digging a bit into his shoulders, before he forced to them to loosen and slide down to Haldir's leggings. "Yes... please," he groaned, turning his head slightly.

Haldir's fingers shivered with impatience as he fumbled with the strings of Elrohir's waistband, then quickly untying them. He tugged the leggings down over Elrohir's hips with one hand, then worked the between their bodies to touch the warm flesh springing free of its restraint. Panting with need, he continued to suck at the skin on Elrohir's neck, not even caring if he left a mark.

Elrohir whimpered again as he forced himself not to thrust into the hand and tried to keep enough space between them in order to get Haldir's leggings undone. At last he simply pushed them down as far as he could reach without pulling away from Haldir's lips or touch. Elrohir pressed his body closer, gasping as his body finally connected fully with Haldir's.

Frantically, Haldir stepped out of his leggings, kicking them away to land in a heap in a corner. "Ah," he moaned as their erections pressed against each other. Waves of heat radiated from his groin, making his whole body tremble, and he pressed hard against Elrohir. With eyes closed, his head fell slightly back, moist lips parted, as he reveled in the feeling of his lover's hot body against his own.

Elrohir followed Haldir as his head fell back, his lips and face pressing against the other's neck. He pushed Haldir back towards the bed, not sure how much longer he could keep this up and not fall over. The simple feel of Haldir against him nearly drove him mad and still he wanted more. He groaned loudly, lips parted as he pressed against Haldir's skin, not caring who heard him.

Stumbling back towards the bed, unsteady from both wine and arousal, Haldir tripped over it, and collapsed on the sheets in a heap with Elrohir. Gasping, he rolled them over on the mattress to land on top of Elrohir.

When they hit the bed and Haldir rolled him over, a soft sound without name escaped Elrohir's lips. The feel of the elder Elf's weight pressing him down only served to heighten his arousal. He arched up off the bed against Haldir, dark hair spilling around him across the sheets. "Yes..." he murmured, breath coming in gasps.

Haldir ravished Elrohir's mouth and neck. His hands wandered Elrohir's body until he found Elrohir's groin where he gripped his lover's length and circled the sensitive, moistened tip, spreading the clear drops with his thumb. At the same time, he could not help grinding his hips, rubbing his own length against his lover's.

"Ai!" Elrohir nearly wept, his head thrashing about as he fought the urge to come in Haldir's hand. His body, hypersensitive to any touch, made him extremely aware of Haldir's own arousal pressed against him. "Hal... Haldir... please!" Elrohir's tongue darted out along his lips and he ran his hands through Haldir's hair that lay along his back.

"" Haldir gasped, reaching out to open a drawer in his bedside table and extract a vial. "Would you ... like to spread this on me?" Uncorking the little vial, he poured some of the sweet smelling oil into his palm, and then handed it to Elrohir. He rolled onto on his side, facing Elrohir to give his lover better access, then moved his slick hand between Elrohir's thighs.

Elrohir opened his eyes at Haldir's laden question. He took the vial from him almost without realizing it. His gaze slid down to Haldir's erection as he dripped oil from the flask across his fingers. Without looking away from his lover, he set the vial on the nightstand. Then he wrapped his slick fingers around Haldir's arousal, the other hand caressing the curve of Haldir's hip. Slowly stroking his lover's shaft, he rubbed his thumb over the sensitive head as Haldir had done to him, the oil slicking the hard hot flesh more than the natural moisture alone. Elrohir shifted a little, spreading his legs to give Haldir better access to him, his body trembling a little at the thought of what Haldir would do.

Feeling that slick hand around his hard length nearly proved almost too much for the older Elf. Waves of pleasure increased with each stroke of Elrohir's hands, making Haldir want nothing more than to lie there and allow his body immediate release. He forced himself to move away from those hands to roll Elrohir onto his stomach. Trembling, he urged the young Elf to rise on hands and knees, then his oil-slicked fingers slipped between those shapely twin buns to find the sweet cleft.

Elrohir pushed against Haldir's fingers, unable to keep his body from shaking. He moaned, his gray eyes closing as he pressed his face into the pillow and slumped to the bed. He could not stay on his hands and knees no matter how much tried. "Haldir..." he whimpered, knowing he would not last long like this, even less so if Haldir did not hurry and fuck him. A groan escaped him at the thought.

Having lubricated Elrohir's opening, Haldir wasted no more time. He felt ready to burst at any moment and wanted to be inside his lover when it happened. He placed himself between Elrohir's spread legs, and then slid his arms around his lover's waist to lift Elrohir's hips somewhat from the sheets. Trembling with wanton need, he pushed his swollen, stiff flesh against the puckered entrance and slipped in. Groaning loudly, he began to thrust.

Pushing back against him, Elrohir answered his groan with one of his own, body shuddering. His eyes closed as he tired of trying to keep them open. He let the sensations wash over him, like waves on the beach, and met Haldir's thrusts, soft sounds of pleasure slipping past his lips with each one.

Unable to slow his pace, Haldir sped up. He moved one hand to Elrohir's groin, finding the hot, hard cock twitching beneath his fingers. Haldir, his breath ragged, leaned forward over Elrohir, supporting himself on his other elbow, and began massaging the burning flesh. Hot waves accumulated in his groin, making him aware he neared completion.

Elrohir whimpered, his body lost between rocking back against Haldir and thrusting forward into the hand around him. The feeling of Haldir's body so near, so intimately connected with his own made him groan. His breath came in gasps and he could do nothing more than moan at the sensations Haldir's hard cock inside his body made, nearly causing him to lose it at once. His hips flexed against Haldir's, knowing if his lover found that place inside his body again he would not be able to keep from coming this time.

"Oh, Elrohir...I am coming now..." Haldir whimpered breathlessly, changing angle a little to find that special spot inside Elrohir. His lover's muscles clenched around him in response, sending him right over the edge in an explosive, intense climax that pumped his seed in several violent gushes inside Elrohir.

"Hald..." Elrohir began, but he did not manage to finish. "Aaaai!" Elrohir's body spasmed beneath Haldir as he felt the other Elf's seed spilled hot and hard within his body. His muscles tightened around Haldir's cock as he lost himself in his own orgasm.

Haldir felt his fingers being covered with hot slick fluid as Elrohir's cock jerked in his hand. He collapsed beside Elrohir, panting heavily.

Without Haldir's support, Elrohir slumped back onto the bed with little thought of anything except curling up against Haldir, regardless of the mess beneath his body. Still trembling a little, sensitive to any touch, a shiver raced through him as he dropped an arm around Haldir's waist.

Dizzy and exhausted, Haldir turned towards Elrohir. He nuzzled into his cheek and hair, snuggling closer against him with both arms.

"I want to stay here forever." Haldir sighed with contentment, covering him with tender light kisses. "My love..."

Elrohir had nothing to say to the gentle, sweet words. Nothing would come, except the tears that pricked his eyes. Pressing his face against Haldir's chest, Elrohir sighed softly, kissing the damp skin with parted lips still trying to catch his breath. "I will stay with you, love," he managed, his voice choked with tears.

With great tenderness, Haldir gently lifted Elrohir's face toward his, kissing him tenderly on the lips, then looking deeply into his eyes. "I think I am falling in love with you," he murmured, his own eyes moist. "I cannot help it... I am sorry..."

Elrohir said nothing anything at first, unsure he could. The words touched him, but they also frightened him. Though he cared for Haldir deeply, and always would, he felt uncertain he could love him the way Haldir meant it. Not again, after what had happened. Finally, he simply pressed a finger to Haldir's lips, blinking back tears as he shook his head slightly. "No love... You cannot love me. You and I both know that I cannot stay here. Were you to love me, it would only make it harder. You love another, Haldir. I am only an available substitute, nothing more."

Sighing heavily, Haldir looked down. "I do not think I love that person anymore. He has never loved me and I have been a fool to feel that way about him." Gently, he pressed feather-light kisses along Elrohir's jaw, then his cheeks, and finally on both eyelids. "I know you love another, Elrohir, and I know you must leave sooner or later. I... I did not chose to let my feelings awaken, they just did," he whispered, pressing his forehead against Elrohir's. "I will not ask anything of you, my love. Only that you let me stay with you for as long as you need me..." He hid his face in Elrohir's hair, not wanting him to see the tears filling his eyes, only the feel of his body close to him.

Elrohir did not have to see the tears to know they brimmed in Haldir's eye. He said nothing more, his arms tightening around the other Elf. Part of him wished he could have loved Haldir first, for they might have been happy, even being separated as they would have been most of the time. Yet it had not happened that way so no good would come of dwelling on it. He wanted to ask whom Haldir had longed after with such passion and wondered what had happened to cause him such hurt. "Shhh... As long as I am here you are welcome to be with me," he said softly, deeply intended promise written in his voice. Arms still tightly around Haldir, Elrohir turned his head to brush his lips along Haldir's cheek gently, and then trailed them along his face to his ear.

Still fighting the tears that threatened to overcome him, Haldir whispered shakily, "Please love me tonight... Hold me and make love to me as though I were the one you truly love..." His hands tightened around Elrohir, hiding his face even deeper in his hair. "I need you so."

"Look at me, love," Elrohir murmured, nuzzling Haldir's neck a little. "You do not have to hide your tears from me. You have seen enough of mine already." His hand gently brushed Haldir's cheek.

Haldir slowly lifted his head from Elrohir's hair, his gaze filled with love and affection. Hot tears escaped from his eyes, trickling down to drip on Elrohir's cheek. "I will not hide from you, my love..." He bent down to tenderly kiss Elrohir's lips, his wet cheek grazing Elrohir's face. "Please love me tonight," he asked quietly.

"Aye, I will," Elrohir replied, gently drawing Haldir's lips to his own for a loving kiss, his eyes and actions saying more then his words might. As he pulled away, he returned to kiss Haldir's tears away. "Smile for me," he said, and then pressed Haldir onto his back.

"Give me a moment," Haldir murmured against Elrohir's lips as he returned the tender kiss. "I crave pardon for being so emotional... It is the wine... I am sorry I have dampened the mood." He felt stupid, weeping like this, but the wine alone did not account for it. Something had happened in his heart he could not control and emotions he had hidden for many years had begun surfacing.

Elrohir moved over Haldir, nearly covering his body with his own as he lead another gentle kiss while one hand cupped Haldir's face. "You do not have to explain yourself to me," he whispered breathlessly after long moments passed. His other hand slid slowly down Haldir's exposed side, grazing the responsive area.

Haldir's eyes closed, his skin tingled at Elrohir's caress, exquisitely sensitive to contact with the younger Elf. He lifted his arms to Elrohir's shoulders, then let one hand slowly slide down, coming to rest at the small of his love's back. How he wanted to forget himself in his lover's touch.

Elrohir nestled into the touch, his lips moving from Haldir's to nibble at the smooth skin of his jaw and neck. He vowed he would love Haldir as he had asked, not only because of the request, but because he had known such need before. His own heart sought to comfort Haldir, as he knew Haldir reached out to him. Elrohir knew Haldir's situation must be harder than his, for the one he loved would always be present. At least Elrohir did not have to deal with the pressure of seeing and not being able to have. His worst problem stemmed from just not knowing where his love had gone.

For Haldir, loving Elrohir seemed somewhat similar to loving Celeborn. True, he had Elrohir physically here with him, sharing his body with him, making love to him - but he knew the younger Elf did not love him, just as Celeborn did not love him. During their ride to the city Haldir had allowed himself to hope that perhaps one day he might have a love of his own, feeling his heart stir every time he looked at Elrohir. But he could no longer ignore the reality of his situation. It seemed his fate to love someone who could not return his love. Still, at least Elrohir had come to him and for that, Haldir felt grateful. Shifting under his lover's body, he tightened his embrace and moaned softly.

Haldir's moan sent shivers through Elrohir's body as he moved against his lover, feeling his own body responding to the closeness and the intimacy. He ran his lips gently up Haldir's neck and rested his hand on Haldir's hip, his fingers brushing gently back and forth against the soft skin.

Elrohir's hardening erection against his hip made Haldir's own skin start to heat. Lost in sensation, Haldir arched against the dark-haired Elf, his hands cupping the lovely, firm buttocks to press Elrohir's body against his own.

"I do love you Haldir," Elrohir muttered against Haldir's neck. He felt the pulse of Haldir's blood as he lavished the skin with his tongue. A soft moan slipped passed his lips as he ground his body against Haldir's, the feel of his hands on his body driving him on.

"Do you?" Haldir could not hide the hope in his voice, although he feared Elrohir did not mean it. Lifting one hand, he stroked the dark hair away from his lover's face, and then pulled his head gently down kiss the sweet lips with growing passion.

Elrohir did not intend to deceive Haldir, for he did indeed care for him, just not in the way Haldir might wish. He could never love another the same as he loved Shadow, yet a love for Haldir would forever exist in his heart. All thought fled as his tongue danced with Haldir's, the kiss deepening as bodies melded.

Feeling hot twinges in his groin, Haldir could not help thrusting up towards Elrohir. "Take me..." he begged. "Let me feel all of you, my love."

Kissing his way down Haldir's neck once more, Elrohir shook his head slightly. "Not yet," he replied gently, moving to tease a nipple first. "Not yet." He had other things in mind for Haldir before he did that.

His skin tingled at the touch of Elrohir's tongue on his nipple. He writhed under Elrohir's touch, his heart beating faster with his eagerness to feel more of him. Tangling a hand in the long black hair, Haldir moaned and arched his head back, moist lips parting.

Elrohir found Haldir's reaction quite stimulating as he nipped lightly at the nipple, teasing his tongue around it for a moment. Finally, he moved to trace a wet path with his tongue to the other one, this time he pulled back and blew across the moist pink bud.

Shivering from the cool sensation, Haldir could not help but tighten his grip in Elrohir's hair. Unable to lie still, his other hand kneaded the enticing buttocks. His nipples grew to hard buds, every nerve in his body sensing Elrohir's touches. Ai! The pleasure seemed almost too much to bear yet he would not have it stop.

The pain-pleasure of Haldir's hand in his hair made him groan softly against his lover's skin. "Haldir..." he murmured. For a moment, he ground his hips against Haldir, then slowly began kissing his way down the body beneath him, firmly pressed against Haldir as he moved.

"Ah..." Haldir moaned as Elrohir moved further down. His erection hardened and swelled in anticipation and he involuntarily pulled Elrohir's head nearer. Haldir felt his lover's hard length press against his thigh, and then he gently pushed a knee between Elrohir's legs.

A gasp of surprise came from Elrohir's lips as he felt Haldir's knee press against him, arching into the touch to alleviate some of the tension in his groin. Hard, hot, and horny, Elrohir flicked his tongue flicked into Haldir's belly button. He glanced up, and then reached for one of the pillows at the head of the bed. "Let me slide this beneath you," he instructed softly.

Eagerly, Haldir lifted his hips, letting Elrohir slide the pillow beneath him. His pulse raced and his breath came faster. He found the slow teasing intolerable. "Yes..." he panted.

Elrohir smiled against Haldir's skin at the reactions he elicited. They sped his blood as it pounded through him, making him want and need more. Yet he would not yet allow himself what he wanted just as he would not yet let Haldir have what he wished. Drifting lower, his lips lingered near Haldir's throbbing flesh for a few agonizing moments, his breath hot upon Haldirs cock, before he lifted Haldir's hips.

Elrohir's lips so near his burning need almost drove Haldir to desperately thrust it into the smiling mouth. His hand tightened in Elrohir's hair, making a knot as he fought for the control not to push Elrohir down on him. He could only manage that as shivers coursed through his body and he moaned impatiently.

Elrohir winced slightly at the tightness of Haldir's hand in his hair. Such a trifling discomfort would not stop him as he moved lower. He spread Haldir's buttocks a little, and then pushed his legs farther apart to give himself better access. His tongue dipped from the base of Haldir's cock to his puckered entrance.

Haldir forced himself to release Elrohir's hair for he did not want to hurt him. He pushed both hands into the sheets beneath him, involuntarily clutching the fabric violently. Hissing, Haldir shifted on the bed to help Elrohir reach him, his hard cock bobbing helplessly in the air, weeping hot droplets on his stomach.

Elrohir slowly ran his tongue around Haldir's entrance before working it past the ring of muscles into his body. He wanted to make Haldir squirm, to make him want him so bad he could not even ask for it before he took him.

"Ohhh... Elrohir! Ohh... please!" Haldir barely could manage as he squirmed under Elrohir's ministrations. One hand flew up to Elrohir's hair again, pushing his head a little closer, trying not to hold too tight and fighting the urge to slip his other hand up to ease his aching cock. This was unbearable.

Pulling back a little, despite Haldir's hand on his head, Elrohir's tongue teasingly flicked up once more up to his balls. He drew them into his mouth for a moment, only to pull back once more. An evil little grin played across his face as he let his tongue travel along the underside of Haldir's cock. "What do you want?" he purred softly, taking the weeping head of Haldir's cock into his mouth, pointedly flicking his tongue across and about it.

Haldir sobbed, no coherent thoughts left in his head as he finally felt the warm tightness he had longed for around his swollen erection. "I want...ohh... I Elrohir...ohh ...please take love...Aii!"

Elrohir brushed his tongue across the sensitive slit once more before letting the cock fall from his mouth. His hand came up to tweak one of Haldir's nipples rather roughly. "Do you want me Haldir? Is that what you want?" Elrohir's finger traveled slowly down Haldir's body past his cock and lower, the tip of it coming to rest against his entrance. "Here? Is this where you want me?"

Whimpering when the warm lips disappeared from his weeping flesh, Haldir squirmed even more from the enticing torture of his nipple. Desperate, he pushed against the teasing finger. "Yes... Oh, yes ...please!"

Body swaying slightly for a moment, Elrohir reached up to take Haldir's hand in his own, slowly bringing it down his own body and shivering at the touch. "Touch me," he whispered, his hand leaving Haldir's once the fingers encircled his cock.

Fingers shaking, Haldir closed his hand around Elrohir's hard, throbbing cock, squeezing it gently at first, then moving his thumb up to circle it around the sensitive head to smear the clear liquid dripping from it. With the last of remnants of lucid thought, he took the vial from the bedside table, and poured the sweet scented oil over Elrohir's hot flesh. He then massaged it into the skin of his lover's cock, sliding his hands slowly up and down the long slender rod.

Elrohir groaned, body thrusting forward of its own accord into the maddening touch, his eyes sliding almost closed as his tongue darted across his dry lips. "St... stop..." he whimpered softly after a moment, then forced himself to pull Haldir's hand away from himself. "Haldir..." The name slipped past Elrohir's lips as he looked down at the other Elf. He felt extremely exposed and wanton kneeling between Haldir's legs in his current state and the sight of Haldir made him want him all the more. "I want you Haldir...I..." Elrohir said voice hitching softly as he said it, positioning himself before slowly thrusting forward into Haldir's body.

"Ai!" Haldir gasped, not from pain, but from the raw sensation a hot cock inside him. Half crazy with desire, he bucked up against it, trying to drive Elrohir as far inside him as he could get, not caring to take it slow. He wanted all of Elrohir inside him now, at once. His body craved it desperately, his hands groping frantically in the sheets below him. Haldir cried out at the intensity of sensation, not caring if all could hear him across the city. His own hard flesh twitched with pangs of heat.

Giving up any pretence of a slow, drawn out interlude, Elrohir pulled back to thrust his stiff cock back in. Elrohir's body jerked slightly at the powerful feelings being deep in Haldir's body gave him. With a breathless whimper of need, his body took over as he set a slower but deeper pace; each time pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back into Haldir. Leaning forward to catch Haldir's lips with his own, Elrohir braced himself on his elbow while his free hand slipped between their bodies to stroke Haldir's pulsating cock.

Haldir whimpered as Elrohir hit the pleasure spot deep within him with every thrust. He tried to push Elrohir deeper inside him and at the same time drive into the hot, warm grip of his hand, nearly mad with the sensual feelings Elrohir gave him. Elrohir filled him completely, hot and massive, and the waves of pleasure increased with each thrust. Haldir knew he could not bear this much longer.

Teasing Haldir's lips open with his tongue, his hand and body moved together as he raped Haldir's mouth with the force that his thrusts lacked. He stopped only when he started began feeling faint from lack of air, his lips still moving slightly erratically along Haldir's jaw. A groan of pleasure escaped as he picked up the pace, his body screaming for more, screaming for release.

Staccato grunts issued from Haldir's throat as his climax approached rapidly, rising to a shout he could not stifle. As his body exploded both from the heat within and the tightness of Elrohir's hand, he nearly screamed. "Ai!" His entire body spasmed violently, clenching around his lover's cock and shooting long, hot, milky white strands of semen all over Elrohir's hand and his own body, all the way up to his chin. He nearly lost consciousness from the force of it.

Elrohir might have lasted longer, but with Haldir's release he could not prevent his own. The feeling of Haldir tightening around him, the heat of his seed across his hand proved enough to break his control. Elrohir's body tensed, his body arched, head thrown back with a silent cry of pleasure as he lost himself inside Haldir's body.

Riding the waves of orgasm until they slowly subsided, Haldir gradually regained awareness. He gasped rapidly, totally out of breath, and drew on his remaining strength to hook his arms around Elrohir's damp body on top of him. He held him, limp with satiated exhaustion.

Elrohir made a soft sound as he withdrew from Haldir's body, then collapsed over him, too weary from sex and wine to roll beside him. "Haldir..." He murmured the name so softly against Haldir's skin. He wanted to stay awake to enjoy the moment in time with his lover, but he could not as sleep dragged him down.

Nuzzling into Elrohir's hair, too tired to move, Haldir simply snuggled into the body on top of him, holding him tight. "Elrohir, my love..." he whispered, moved almost to tears with tenderness. "I love you, Elrohir..." His eyes could not stay open, and sighing contently, he drifted into pleasant dreams.

Already almost asleep Elrohir hardly heard him, exhausted from the travel, the emotional strain of the last few days and hours, the wine, and of course what they had just done. His head rested on Haldir's chest, his dark hair looking even darker against Haldir's light skin, in deep contrast. The moonlight shining through the windows glistened softly off their entwined, sleeping bodies, catching the faint gleam of sweat. Lost in their own little world, neither one of them retained enough coherency to notice the dark figure that had slipped through the trees to the door and into the room... Only to stop in the doorway, gaze falling on the sight of the two lovers in bed. For a few moments it seemed time stopped and then he had gone, leaving them to sleep in peace.

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