Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings

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Tribute to Folly of Starlight & Links

A Tribute to AC's Wonderful series: Folly of Starlight (A Slash NC-17 site)

A few months ago I discovered the wonders of slash LoTR stories... Scoff all you might, some are incredibly beautiful and well done...
One series in particular has drawn not only me, but many others, to not just read, but reread many times, the stories AC (or AstroChick) has created within Tolkien's universe.
The Folly of Starlight breathes life into Elrond Peredhil (HalfElven), the tortured, noble soul who reigns over Imladris, or Rivendell... The Last Homely Home.  Wise, kind, but moody... AC gives us the deep inner torment of this Elf lord, the reasons behind it, and the hope and despair he finds in loving once more...
The star in his sky?  No one less than the youngest Prince of Mirkwood, Legolas Greenleaf... Wrinkle your nose, make wretching sounds at the thought of "hottie" Legolas and Elrond together?  Don't be judgmental!  No sweeter love, no deeper desire could two souls find than that which AC portrays between the ancient elf and the often misunderstood son of Thranduil. 
No PWP these stories, but a rich tapestry of emotion and history, spun together with loving care for the world of Middle Earth and its inhabitants...

Elrond and Legolas
Enjoy this gorgeous picture full size at Theban Band!

Elrond and Legolas: Embrace
Elrond and Legolas
Yet another Theban Band picture! Visit them!

Stargazer's beautiful drawings!

Elrond and Legolas in love play
Ithilas (Moonleaf) and Malthenel-nin (My Goldstar)
Ithilas and Malthenel-nin, love names for each other

The Embrace
The Embrace, Legolas and Elrond
Lovers, found at last

Here I present my attempts at photomanipulation inspired by AC's stories... More to come if I get the time...

Elrond and Legolas


Click on the banner to go directly to her stories:

The Folly of Starlight

If you find her stories as entrancing as I do, here's a link that will let you join her Yahoo! group so you can get updates on her stories as she writes them (and before she posts them to her site):

The Folly of Starlight Yahoo! group

Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings

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