Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings

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Here are links to places I've spent many hours of enjoyment:

PG & G rated stuff

Paint the Sky with Stars

Paint The Sky With Stars

Elrond Lord of Rivendell

Legolas Greenleaf

The Council of Elrond: LoTR News and Information

The Barrow-Downs Middle Earth Name Generator (or TORn as it's affectionately known)

R & NC-17 stuff

The Library of Moria

Whitemoon Tower

Stardreamers: Pictures inspired by Folly of Starlight - Slash site for LoTR and Highlander

The Folly of Starlight Series

Folly of Starlight

Helmboy's Lord of The Rings Page

Have another site you think I and others might enjoy? Please! E-mail me and send me the link. And link to me if you find something you enjoy or wish to have your site posted here. And by all means, if you have a story, I would be happy to beta and post it as well! Namarie!

Belle Bayard/Ithilgalad

Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings

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