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Stories based on movies, TV, and comics

Warning! - Most stories contain adult content - not for minors under the age of 17! If you are underage, you shouldn't be reading these! I have several stories that are appropriate for you, but those indicated as NC-17 are off limits.

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Belle's Fan Fiction

Table of Contents Within the Fan Fiction Site
(These are *not* links!)

For Love of A Beast (NC-17) - A Disney's Gargoyles story (unfinished)

Bond (NC-17) - Based on Star Trek the Next Generation (unfinished)

Beloved Monster (R) - Based on the Star Wars universe after Episode 1 (in progress)

The Beast Within (NC-17) - A Star Wars story (unfinished)

The Passion of Maul (G to NC-17) - Various stories revolving around Darth Maul (some unfinished, some finished)

Rogue's Gambit (NC-17) - Based on the X-men comic and animated series (unfinished)


Some links are to my own site while others are to sites I have my work archived on.