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Tribute to JRRT's Lord of the Rings

The Three Elven Ring Bearers
Gil-galad, Cirdan, and Galadriel
Gil-galad, Cirdan, and Galadriel

Suilad, mellonath! 

This page will be dedicated to fanfiction and pictures of Peter Jackson's tribute to JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Be aware, some of this will consist of things definitely not within JRRT's writings. Some links will take you to places that contain slash, or homoerotic, stories. I will warn you ahead of time. This page, newly begun, will be under construction indefinitely.

At last I've been able to do some updating! I've added another of my stories and hope that I can soon add others. Also plan to put up some of the photomanips I've learned how to do. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated. Now that the excitement has died down, those who are truly addicted to LoTR are still hanging on. Just glad that PJ gave us such incredible images to gaze upon over the years in addition to the Professor's awesome stories.

8/19/2005 - Oh dear... Once again, my apologies. Lord and Guardian is sadly dead in the water. The authors had creative differences and have gone their separate ways. I will keep what's here up as even unfinished, it's a good story. I have so many stories I really must get formatted and up, even a couple of my own. I will do my best to update the rest of this as The Two Towers and Return of the King have come and gone, though never forgotten. I'll put up some new pics and do a little summary of those two movies hopefully this weekend. Considering buying a domain name for this as well as adding more bandwidth. Thanks for any who have continued to come back, looking for more.
1/13/2004 - My... So much time has passed. I apologize for not uploading all the wonderful fics people have given me. I will try to do this once Real Life stops being mean to me. *sigh* Anyway... Went to the premiere of RoTK with my fellow CoEer's. Dressed up as an Elf (of course)... Posting one of the pics of me in costume and will endeavor to post some I took of the costumes actually worn in the movie that they displayed at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Awesome stuff... Thanks all for your patience.
This page continues to grow very slowly. Here you will find pictures I gleaned from various sources on the Internet. I will also try to get more stories up as well.

Submissions of art and fiction are always welcome.  I will do a spell and grammar check on the fics before posting, but a beta or two's never bad to have.


Fellowship of the Ring - December 2001

The Council of Elrond
Elrond's Council
The Ring must leave Rivendell

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The Council of Elrond

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