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Submission Guidelines

To submit a story, please send it directly to me at my email addy (see link below). I would appreciate it either in HTML or text format to cut down on the possibilities of passing on a virus. Depending on the size of your story, I will get it up as soon as I can. No snuff, no underage sex please. Otherwise, just about anything goes. I don't mind slash or a bit of BDSM (although if it gets too much, I don't know that I'll post it), but there should be a plot (I'm not much into PWP unless there's something really compelling).

Put the title of your story in the subject box and either attach it as an HTML document or cut and paste it into the body of the message as plain text. Either works for me.


The Muse beckons!

In this area I'll include a list of all the material necessary to perform the tasks I'm describing on this page.

Welcome to Belle Bayard's Bayou