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Cool Sites

On this page I'm including links to other sites that have inspired me to write and publish on the net. It is by no means complete at this time and if you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!


The Council of Elrond: LoTR news and forum

The Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade (currently archive only)

Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade 2

The Qui-Gon Jinn Estrogen Brigade

Vader's Mask

Down Home Charm (A Rogue/X-Men Site)

Missy Red X's Average Site

The Anakin Skywalker Home Page

The Darth Side

Redone's Place

Lavender Eyes: A Drizzt Do 'Urden Fan Site

Vlad Strife's Fleeting Hopes Dark Poetry

Folly of Starlight - Elrond/Legolas, Elrond Gil-galad slash series