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Non-fanfic Stories

Short stories not related to movies or TV series

Generally, these stories are PG-13 and G, but if you see a NC-17 next to it and you're not of age...don't click on it!

Table of Contents

Below the picture are listed original stories

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Billy Joe and the Bayou

Rated G - Where I got my nom de plume from

The Devil and the PBJ Sandwich

Rated G - A humorous tale about an adolescent boy's brush with the devil

Lilybet's Dragon

Rated PG (mild sexual references) - In medieval Wales, a young girl finds a fate worse than death to be otherwise.

Pursuit: A Forgotten Realms Round-robin (In Progress)

Rated G (so far) - A young girl flees a variety of pursuers only to find out there's more to it than she realized.

Red Rock Heat

Rated PG-13 - Romance, pure and simple!

The Seduction

Rated R - A multipart work in progress: Science fiction

Victory's Sorrow

Rated R (sexual situations) - On a desert world, some things cannot be denied, no matter the consequences.