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Belle's Fan Fiction

Welcome to Belle's Fan Fiction!

Here you will find fiction based on various movies, TV shows, and comics. All characters within these stories that are not products of the author's imagination (such as those found in Star Wars, Star Trek, Disney's Gargoyles, etc.) belong to the respective creators and use of them on this site is not expected to garner any profit and is without the creators' permission. Don't sue me, I don't have any money to give away (else why would I be using a free site?).

I'll update this site frequently, so make sure to check back often. This page is heavily under construction and is subject to change without notice. Excuse my dust!

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What's New?

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site. Where appropriate, I'll include a link to the change. Sometimes I won't post a story on this page, just put up a link to another site where it's archived.

7/17/02 - Still having problems with Sioned's Twilight... Trying to get it up this week. While awaiting this, have now made a new area for my newest obsession - JRRT's Lord of the Rings... Enjoy!
5/21/02 - Back from Star Wars Celebration 2! Had a blast. Now awaiting a CD of DMEB fanfic so I can start getting Twilight up since my computer seems to have eaten the first two chapters. Still having problems getting Transformation: Anakin to Vader revised (must talk to Tripod).
12/01/01 - Bad puppy. Still working on Sioned's story and here I've just put up one of my own. If you're an adult and love R.A. Salvatore's Drizzt Do'Urden, I have a treat for you. At least, that is, if you have been gnashing your teeth over his angsting around over Cattie-Brie. :)
11/14/01 - New three part story up under Qui-Gon and the Jedi as well as completely revamped look. Still working on getting Sioned's Twilight up.
10/23/01 - New story up under Passion of Maul. This is a long multipart story by Sioned called Seeds of Darkness (originally archived at DMEB1). Have all but the last three chapters up and have plans to put her sequel called Twilight up soon.
9/1/01 - Again, so sorry to be so slow. Major computer problems, changing ISP, and Darth Real Life playing havoc with important things like my Internet site. :) Have a new Maul story up (a multichapter, but only the first chapter up so far). Promise not to take so long with the next parts of it.
5/3/01 - Sorry to take so long to update. Working on another story for the Jedistories and have mickeyed with a few things on the other places.
12/6/00 - Put up my Beloved Monster story on my site (as much as is done at present). Check it out under the Transformation: Anakin to Vader page!
10/12/00 - New fic up on the Qui-Gon Jinn and the Jedi page and on The Passion of Maul... Both are authored by very talented folks. Check 'em out. New link to another area of the site also.
9/17/00 - Mostly done with what I have so far. Will be posting other authors fic here shortly. As always, feedback appreciated.
9/13/00 - Not much here yet. Working on converting my stories to HTML from Word documents. Be patient with me!

A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away...
A long time ago in a galaxy, far, far away...

In a galaxy far, far away... Or even ones nearby... To boldly go where no one has... Just stretch your imagination and see where it takes you. With thanks to Gene Rodenberry, George Lucas, the Disney folks and many others who have created the unique creatures I love to play with! I don't intend to make money off them, just expand on the great characters you've thought up!

by Rogue on Chinese site

The battle of Barud-Dur

Luke Skywalker
The Empire Strikes Back

From Fall to Redemption
Transformation: Anakin to Vader

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