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Transformation: Anakin to Vader

Star Wars stories revolving around Anakin Skywalker, his relationship with Amidala and how he turned to Vader. Will include stories after he becomes a Sith Lord at a later date.

Three faces of Anakin Skywalker

Update! I have added my entire Beloved Monster story on its own page. Click on the link below to see it there. However, I have retained the series of links to the archives where the other stories are kept stored. Please feel free to cruise around those sites before or after you read my stories. They have many good authors and stories that vary from G to NC-17.

Beloved Monster (Transformation: Anakin to Vader)

Beloved Monster on DMEB (Incomplete)

Rated G to R (follow the ratings listed on the site) - Anakin's courtship of Amidala, the Clone Wars, Palpatine's rise to Emperor...the whole tamale...ongoing as a thread on the Forcenet boards, the posted on the Darth Vader Estrogen Brigade (sibling of the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade). This link takes you to the first part. Just hit the back button once you finish that to get to the rest of them.

The Beast Within

Rated NC-17 - This story fits in after Anakin's fall and shows his last time with Amidala. Pretty hot, but sad stuff here which I will hopefully be able to continue.

Please support the archive sites I have my stories on. Their webmistresses put a great deal of time and effort into them. Every section shows care and the detail such addicts as myself have come to expect. Wish I was that talented!