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The Passion of Maul

My Vision of Darth Maul... All that passion wasn't just for the kill... Mrrrowr!

Despite, or perhaps because of his fearsome appearance, many draw near to this Dark Lord of the Sith. Somehow, those of us obsessed with him see beyond that red and black exterior to the depths of his soul... More than sexual, yet containing that element as well, his seduction stems from the barely leashed passion beneath his controlled exterior. For some of us, he remains Master, leading us to his lonely path as a Sith. For others, he becomes the object of our desire, whether male or female. It matters not our own gender, for something in this character calls to many of us with a siren song...pulling us nearer to gaze at him...body and soul. Here, gentle readers, you will find stories that explore the inner Maul. Not just Maul, the weapon his own Master, Darth Sidious, molded him into, but the sad Maul, the grieving Maul, the Maul who learns to care and perhaps even love another, and much, much more...

Table of Contents for Mauloholic Fic

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Rated NC-17
Into Maul's pre-TPM life comes someone as prickly as he is,
but just as vulnerable in some ways...

Rated NC-17
Maul travels to an Outer Rim planet with something else than just a mission on his mind and gets more than his Master planned or would wish for him...

Rated NC-17
Just prior to TPM, Maul takes his 'find' to a safe place before he goes to meet his fate...
Is this the end? I ain't gonna say or I'd spoil it.

Rated G
Maul has departed... Or has he? The one who care for him most journeys to Naboo in search of easing his spirit, only to discover more than one soul remains restless.

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