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Rogue's Gambit

The bayous inspired this site, so it doesn't seem strange my two favorite X-Men are Gambit and Rogue... The Cajun and the Southern Belle. Both have mysterious pasts, failed relationships, and difficulty relating to others. Yet both have something special with each other. Despite the lack of interest Marvel comics has shown in forwarding this couple's being together, fans frequently write about them just that way. I'm certainly no different.

9/19/00 - Went to where my NC-17 version was archived and guess what? The site disappeared. Bummer. Soooo...

I actually had two versions of my story archived. The PG-13 one still resides at Alyson Hurt's Down Home Comfort. Unfortunately, due to site ownership changes and closures, my NC-17 version has disappeared off the web. Rather than publish the entire story here, I will link to Alyson's site. If sufficient interest surfaces, I'll post only the differing chapters I rated much hotter than what I put up on her site.

9/13/00 - Oh, frabjous joy! I found my NC-17 version on another site! A really neat place called Missy Red X's The Wildness (there's a lot more to the whole Missy Red's, so check it out). Be prepared for some hot times in the bayou!

Please contact me with your comments once you've read either one or both versions. I am willing to put up extra pages with the most popular one on it so you can get it directly on this site. :D