The Passion of Maul
Bouquet of Deflowers: The Thistle

A younger Maul wants to experiment and Sidious decides to humor him... Definitely NC-17

Disclaimer: The Sith Lords, Maul and Sidious belong to the Star Wars Universe and are, as such, property of George Lucas and Lucasfilm. I'm just using them for fun and not for profit. Any original characters are mine. This does not follow canon, although the DM Journal certainly did influence it.


Sidious smirked for a moment after he dismissed Maul, then shrugged at his pupil's odd request. Why not? He supposed it was best to get this prurient curiosity out of the way in order to allow his apprentice to focus more completely on his studies.

Actually, he had no idea where Maul might have come up with this strange absorption in his own body. Granted, as his master, Sidious had taught him to hone his both physical and mental selves as fine weapons and at times it might have seemed a bit harsh. Yet that did not preclude giving him comfort of a sort. So where this bid for a female receptacle had emerged remained a mystery. Still...there were potential benefits in allowing this experience.

Hmmm... he must find someone...disposable, yet interesting enough to challenge Maul. The Sith master pondered the few possible candidates he knew and discarded them, one by one, until he came to the last face on his vid screen.

Ah, yes...this one might do quite nicely. He'd met her at one of the social gatherings of the elite on Coruscant. A wild young thing, she worried her noble parents to no end and in his Palpatine role he had listened to them bemoan her frequently dangerous antics. His eyes narrowed in thought as he considered the possible ramifications of her disappearance after her usefulness had ended. He chuckled at the picture of his sympathetic concern at her parents' distress. "I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Is there any way I may be of assistance to you?" Indeed, he would have no doubt what would occur after Maul finished with her, yet he debated whether or not he should allow the authorities to discover her body. Philaea, in her youthful rebellion, had no idea what he had in store for her.


Maul paced in his tiny room, awaiting his master's decision. How long would he make him wait? Ever since he had glimpsed the young woman, he had found himself aching. He almost feared Sidious would punish him for his request, yet instead he had merely grimaced and shooed him out after assuring him he would consider it.

With a groan, he flung himself face down on his hard cot. The throbbing between his legs nearly drove him to distraction. Two weeks... two miserable weeks of walking around with his male member standing at attention. Afraid his master might walk in on him, he jumped every time he heard a door close. Today it was the worst...and he nearly shrugged off the worry of what might lie in store for him if his master discovered him taking matters into his own hands.
He glanced at the chronometer on the wall, realizing only a few minutes had passed. Surely Sidious would not come to him for awhile longer. Maul pushed aside his tunics, his hand first pressing against the bulge at his crotch, then fumbling with his pants' opening to allow his member to spring free from its prison. Fascinated, he watched it throbbing in time to his heartbeat. A tiny bead of moisture glistened at the tip, beckoning him. Was it so wrong to want a bit of pleasure in life not dedicated to killing? Granted, that gave him a tremendous rush and often resulted in just such a physical reaction. But this...this time it had nothing to do with death.

At the memory of womanly curves set in ivory flesh and ebony hair, he gripped his turgid flesh in his hand and began to move his fist, squeezing a bit as he neared the head. Without thought, he flexed his hips, his head thrown back as he devoured the sensations. His heart pounded as they built--

No! Footsteps sounded closer, approaching his door, stopping. A terrible fear of punishment forced Maul to jump to his feet and straighten his clothing just before his door swept open.


Sidious took in his apprentice's glistening face, dilated eyes, and quickened breathing. Just as well he had orchestrated an appropriate interlude this evening. Oh, he could give his pupil some relief, but he knew the curiosity about the opposite sex wouldn't abate until he'd satisfied it. Still, it wouldn't do to have the boy finish before he even started. Perhaps it was best to let some of that 'steam' off before he summoned Philaea to service Maul.

"Come, Maul. You know you cannot hide anything from me. Especially when it deals with your body." A certain flow of excitement passed from Maul to him through their bond. "I have made arrangements, but I don't believe you'll be able to wait until then. For now, our usual solution will have to do."

Maul nodded, his eyes glowing as his master pushed him back on the bed. The familiar ritual brought him some comfort as his master pushed aside his robes and exposed the evidence of his lack of self-discipline.

Sidious ran his fingers over the swollen flesh, delighting in its pulsations and the way it curved into his palm. He took the heavy sac beneath the shaft into the other hand, then guided the tip of the shaft into his mouth. From his own experience he knew just how to suckle the erection, tickling it with his tongue as his lips glided over the shaft. He stroked the sensitive skin between Maul's anus and the base of his scrotum, watching the skin of the sac retract and feeling his pupil squirm beneath him.

*Good. He will do anything I want him to at his point.*

With a cruel smile, Sidious stopped his ministrations, licked a finger and inserted it into Maul's rectum. A shudder ran through the younger man and Sidious probed further until he felt the firm hump of the prostate. A few strokes and Maul ground his teeth in frustration.

"All in good time, my apprentice, all in good time. For now... I have something I wish you to do for me." Sidious shoved aside his own clothing. "Roll over."

Maul did as he bid and wriggled out of his pants. Sidious made certain to lubricate his apprentice's opening, for he had no desire to abrade his own skin with the tight orifice. With a perverse sort of pity, he allowed Maul to manipulate himself as he buried his shaft inside the younger man.

So close to completion, Maul bit down on his tongue until it bled to keep from screaming at the pain-pleasure his master inflicted on him. Then, once again the pain faded away and the pleasure took over. His hips flexed, allowing his shaft to rub against the skin of his hand until he felt himself begin to tighten and pulse. His master finished, pounding against his buttocks as he achieved his release. The sensation through the bond provided enough stimulation to push Maul over his own peak. He felt his own hot semen against his belly and on his hand, then the cold of the room as his master rose.

"Clean up in here and get yourself washed up. You have a few hours before you entertain your 'guest.' Mustn't have the place smelling like this. Oh, and me when you're finished with her." Then he was gone, the door clicking shut to leave Maul alone with his thoughts.


Philaea Urandish shook back her mane of ebony hair, her amber eyes heavy lidded and promising a great deal. When the go-between had approached her she nearly laughed in his face. She had a very good idea who had sent him and almost told the toady she didn't do old men. However, something in his eyes kept her sober and waiting for what he would say.
He told her an influential person had a friend... a young friend... who needed experience. Then he went on to say this patron believed she would provide this person an excellent first time. She grinned at the challenge. A virgin, eh? Well, they had their interest... It had been a very long time in her short twenty-year life since she'd been one. Curiosity got the better of her and she agreed. Now she stood outside the very plain, very austere door where her "assignment" lived.

Other than what he had told her, Philaea knew nothing about this young man. She fully expected him to be some weak, pockmarked reject who couldn't find a woman to bed him. Perhaps he might be well connected, but reclusive... ashamed of his looks or awkward around women. This wouldn't be the first time she'd done such a creature this sort of favor.
Yet despite her soft looks, Philaea was anything but gentle. They'd nicknamed her "The Thistle" in her current crowd, after the fuzzy-looking, but sharp-leafed and flowered plant found on Alderaan's highland border. Oh, she'd deflowered many such younglings as she expected to find tonight and they'd never looked at women quite the same way once she'd finished with them.

She knocked on the door, then waited impatiently for someone to answer. Her full lips pouted. How she hated to be kept waiting. Then her breath left her as the door swung open.
He was incredible to look at and she could only wonder why he must have someone like that oily politician she suspected hired her to pander for him. But then again, most "proper" girls would probably run in the opposite direction. He pulled her into the room, stuck his head out the corridor for a moment, and then closed the door.

Philaea grimaced as he shoved her against the wall, grinding his lips and hips against hers. She acquiesced for moment, allowing him to grope her, before she pushed with all her might. A thrill of pleasure rippled through her at his surprised expression.

"Did he not send you for me tonight?" the creature hissed.

"That 'he' did, whoever 'he' is, but it is to be on my terms... not yours," she warned him. She studied him, the black and red tattoos on his face and neck, the powerful muscles evident even beneath his black robes. Her gaze zeroed in on the prominent bulge at his crotch and despite her jaded appetites, she felt the moisture gather between her own legs. Oh, this might prove to be fun after all.

"Come, boy...we have work to do," she ordered, amused at the suppressed fury on his face.

"I am no boy, I am--" He stopped abruptly, a wary look stealing across his striking features before they became a frozen mask. Just what had he begun to say she could only wonder. Despite her curiosity, she decided it the wisest course to proceed with what she had been contracted to do.

"No offense meant, youngling--"

"Stop calling me 'boy' and 'youngling', woman. I could snap your neck or choke the life from you and no one would be the wiser," he growled.

"Oooh, a fierce one, are we? That's all right. I'm a tough girl." She moved toward him, deliberately swaying her hips, pushing her breasts forward in their tight, low cut body suit. Ever observant, she noted his eyes dilate and a sheen of sweat bead on his forehead beneath an impressive crown of short horns.

She stood so closely she could see the fine eyebrows and lashes above his eyes, nearly invisible under the bizarre coloring. A distinctive musk, mingled with some spicy scent, rose to meet her. Most definitely she would take pleasure from this.

"Let's not waste time arguing. Down to business," she purred as she reached for his crotch, cupping her hand around the hot erection pressing against his pants. "Mmmm...promising... most promising."

Gently, she pushed him back toward the cot set against the wall. Somewhat puzzled he allowed her to do that, she realized he seemed to enjoy, in an odd way, her dominating him. She smiled, then licked her lips. Oh, yes, this would probably be the most thrill she had gotten from sex in what seemed entirely too long.

Once they reached the cot, she ordered, "Undress."

He scowled and at first she thought he might rebel, but he again surprised her as he began undoing his belt and tunics. When he reached his pants, she found herself drawn to watch his hands unlace the front to allow his erection freedom. Gods, how she wanted to feel that cock inside her mouth, her cunt, her ass. It was as beautiful as the rest of him.

"Now what?" he asked, startling her from her study.

"This," she replied in a breathy voice, then drew closer to wrap her arms around his bare flesh and press her lips to his neck. He began to gather her into his arms until her felt her teeth on his flesh.

He stiffened, but didn't pull away. She moved a few inches back, putting her fingers against his lips to stop any protest. Slowly, she began to untie the shoulder straps of her body suit, then let it slip to the floor. He watched, mesmerized, as she slid her hands down her body, then returned them to cup her breasts and squeeze the nipples into hard nubs with one hand as the other toyed with the hair between her legs.

"See... this is for you, if you're good." She took one of his hands and placed it on her breast, then reached for the other to show him how ready she was. His fingers found her wet and hot. His breath shuddered in and the muscles in his jaw flexed. Admiration for his restraint swept over her. The virgins of her previous experience would have tossed her onto the bed and tried to penetrate her immediately. This one must have iron control over himself. That was something she wanted to see if she could break, at least this once.
She flexed her hips, allowing his fingers to glide over the moist flesh and press against the sensitive nub at the top. He seemed to take her cue and began to slide one digit further back to part her flesh and enter her.

*Control,* she thought, *I must maintain control.*

But her thoughts began to haze as the hot pleasure stole over her. He kneaded her breast while exploring between her legs until she felt her knees begin to weaken.

*No! I can't let him do this...this is for him, not me!*

Philaea forced her eyes open and found him observing her reactions. With a great deal of willpower, she pushed down the spiraling sensations and returned to her task.

"Are you certain you have never been with anyone before?" she ventured. Though a certain risk was involved in asking, she had to know.

"No woman," was all he would say in response.

Ahh, that might explain some of his expertise. It made no difference to her if he liked boys, too. She wasn't particularly picky about which sex she dallied with as long as she could control the situation. This, however, had not been at all what she expected.

"No matter," she said as casually as she could. "This time I will show you what it is to have me, not just any woman."
She laid her hands over his to stop him, then licked the fingers of his hand she had taken from her core. With a smirk, she pressed on his shoulders until he sat, then indicated she wanted him to lie down. Without another word, she straddled his legs and lay over his body, rubbing her breasts against his chest.

His erection pushed against her belly and she could see his knuckles whiten as he gripped the sides of the cot. Another smirk threatened, but she hid it as she slid down his body until her mouth found his cock. Kissing it first, she then licked the moisture from the tip and took it between her lips.

So sweet, the taste of him, sweet as honey. She swirled her tongue around the tip, then took nearly all of him into her mouth, sucking as she pulled back to the tip again. Her other hand cupped his sac, rolling the testicles between her fingers. She explored the base of his cock, the sides of his scrotum, then ran a finger down the slight ridge that ran from the base of his sac to his anus. A shudder ran through him and his cock swelled in her mouth.

That was all fine and good, but if she had guessed correctly, he had been brought release with mouth and tongue before and possibly as someone's cock had entered him. While she might not consider him a 'true' virgin, she wondered if his partner or partners had ever let him penetrate them.

"Do want me?" she asked.

"Witch! What do you think?" he muttered, peering at her through slitted eyes.

"You must tell me...whoever you are. Else I cannot know what you want."

"Give me release. I demand it."

"Oh, ho! Now we give orders, do we?" she retorted, trying to ignore her own ache. "I think not. It's too soon to give in quite yet. First there's this."

And she rose above him and settled so her wet core rested on his shaft. A guttural moan broke from him and his hips flexed to rub his hardness against her soft moisture. Tremors ran through him, for which she was grateful. Her own body threatened to betray her as it made its own demands to take that hard-soft flesh and sink down on it until they met, belly to belly.

"Kiss my breasts," she ordered and leaned over until he could reach the heavy globes with his lips. He tortured her as he flicked the nipples with his tongue, then ran it around the areola. His hands gripped her hips, then brushed her flanks and ended brushing the sides of her breasts until she thought she would go mad.

"Enough," she managed.

"Never," he replied and returned his hands to her hips to stroke them.

Philaea began to realize she might never truly have control here. With a shrug, she settled for deriving as much ecstasy from this as she could while making certain he never forgot the experience.

She reached down to grip his cock, raised her hips slightly and lowered herself onto it. For the rest of her life she would never know why he was so different from all the others. She would only remember him as the one who turned her life around with a simple act of sex.

The incredible sensation of him stretching her, sliding deep until he touched her womb nearly undid her. Somehow it was as if he reached inside of her mind, stimulating her pleasure centers as he plunged into her. Waves of mind-numbing sensuality broke over her as his cock stroked her.

Time had no meaning. Once she came screaming, he reversed their positions and rolled her onto her stomach.

"I know what you want, witch, and I will give it to you...repeatedly," he promised as he raised her hips.

She expected him to just push into her ass, but instead she felt his mouth there, teasing, blowing air against the sensitive skin, licking around the puckered opening. His fingers eased the way so that she relaxed enough for him to press the blunt head of his cock against her until she received his full length.

"I am not my Master. I will not hurt her," he said to himself. Through her pleasurable haze, Philaea could only wonder for a moment, then she was lost to sensation. He held her hips steady with one hand while the other reached around to stimulate her nub.

This time she lost consciousness, a first for her. She came to and found herself tucked against his side. *He is dangerous,* was her first thought. *I could be dead,* was her second. Reluctantly, she looked up and found him studying her.

"You must leave here and never return," he told her. "My Master will surely wish you disposed of."

"Why? I'm not about to go around telling people about this." She snickered. "After all, I have a reputation to maintain and going around spreading the fact that you just fucked my brains out would hardly help my image. I'm the one who was supposed to do that to you."

"That is irrelevant. I was not supposed to enjoy this, nor were you. I was to kill you, I am most certain." He stopped at her shocked look. "This is the truth. If my Master discovers what transpired here, his anger will know no bounds and he will punish me and kill you."

"And that bothers you?" She frowned and pushed away to sit up. "Look. I don't know who you are and I only have a wild guess who your 'Master' is, so why am I such a threat to him?"

"I must be disciplined and in control. This is the first time he has allowed me to... experiment... with anything that brings me pleasure. He will never let this happen again and will want to ensure no one knows of my existence."

Phileae made a face. "Hah! Well, don't worry. As memorable as this was, I seriously doubt he has anything to get his tunic in a bunch over. Hey, this was a job. I did it, I got paid." She hesitated, then grinned. "In more than one way, lover. Don't be upset, but I'm not the monogamous sort."

When he made to protest further, she quieted him with a finger on his lips. "Shush, I'll go and hide my tracks. I have my resources. Mommy and Daddy can foot the bill and the old geezer'll be none the wiser. Just tell him you offed me and dumped me down a melting pit." She shrugged.

"I have my doubts that he will believe this."

"Never mind. They don't call me 'Thistle' for nothing. I've got plenty of prickles on the outside. I'm not so helpless as you might think."

He remained quiet for a moment, then shook his head with a bemused look. "Ah, but Thistle, you do indeed have a soft inner part."

"Yeah, right," she said, an odd lump in her throat. "I screw like a bunny and will do anything for a kick."

"No," he replied. "That is not my meaning."

"Then, what?" she ground out.

"You are good and my Master cannot abide that. Despite what you say, there is something in you that is kind and loving. He would not have chosen you if he realized that your 'prickly' exterior hid such a soft heart."

"Ack! I've got to get out of here." She flung away and yanked on her clothing. "Oh, you're driving me out of here all right. I don't need this."

She turned toward the door and scrubbed at her face. "Don't waste another thought on me. I'm nothing."

Why she hesitated, she had no idea, but it was enough time for him to rise. She felt his hand on her shoulder.

"May the Force be with you, Thistle."

"Yeah, right...the Force. What are you? Some sort of Jedi?" She spun around, her eyes glinting with anger and unshed tears. "Yeah, right. Don't ask. I'm better off not knowing. Just don't ever come looking for me. I'm not going to even say goodbye to my folks. Too dangerous. Just got this gut feeling there's something really nasty going on around here and I just got myself involved in it."

Impulsively, she rose on her toes and gave him a quick kiss before she whirled, flung open the door and ran out.

"Goodbye, Thistle...Philaea. I cannot even thank my Master for making my fantasy come true. Be safe."

Maul closed the door and went to clean up. Carefully, he erected barriers around the memory until there were only surface thoughts of what Sidious would expect to find. The young Sith Lord could only hope this would prove sufficient to keep Thistle safe.

The End

Like the Amber part of my Dark Passions, this story came from a series created for the original Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade, no longer a live site.


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