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Beloved Monster: Chapter VII
Transformation: Anakin to Vader

The Clone Wars take their toll on the Republic and Anakin and Amidala are not exempt from the strife. The Chancellor sets in motion the events that will drive Anakin closer to the Dark Side.

By JediGaladriel/FernWithy

Chancellor Palpatine advocated Anakin and Amidala's cause with the Jedi Council. He even went so far as to address them in the Temple's Council Chambers. With an appropriately concerned expression, he pled their case, siting the fact that the Queen and her handmaidens had no other home than Coruscant or with her young consort.

"I believe it in the best interests of these two young people and those of the Republic that Queen Amidala and her entourage follow Lord Skywalker... excuse me, Padawan Skywalker... and Knight Kenobi to Alderaan. These times are at best, unsettled and at worst perilous. While as one of the few surviving Naboo, I will always provide her sanctuary, she requires the emotional support of her husband. If the situation on Alderaan deteriorates, she may return to Coruscant at any time," he explained to the Council members.

He kept his shields as seamless as durasteel, yet from his years in politics, he knew the situation deeply troubled the Jedi surrounding him. Beneath his placid, yet concerned mask, he reveled in their distress. Their very resistance to the alliance between young Skywalker and the Queen without a kingdom served Sith purposes exquisitely.

Surreptitiously, he watched the weighted looks the Council members exchanged. He knew full well that they exchanged telepathic thoughts they did not wish to share with him in his role as Chancellor. Hah! Prideful, arrogant Light Siders. How blind they were to the subtle nuances of the Dark Side... to the power it granted those who sought it, used it, indulged in the heady passions of hatred, anger, lust, greed, and the pleasure of inflicting pain.

Ah, yes... how many years ago had he learned for himself the incredible dominance of a Master visiting emotional and physical torture on those around him. His very own Master had taught him well and in the time since he had become Darth Sidious, he had relished every shade of the potent brew with his own apprentices. Now he grew impatient, though those watching him would never guess at the boiling cauldron of his anger at their interminable vacillations.

"So, Master Jedi, may I tell the Queen she can accompany her husband?" he asked, modulating his voice to make them think he worried they would refuse. Fools... he had them right where he wanted them. Spread out across the galaxy until only these twelve remained anywhere near the Core. The beginning of the end drew near.

"Considered your request, we have, Chancellor," the little green troll called Yoda replied. "Against our better judgment to let her accompany him, it is. Still, despite the danger, concedes to this the Council does. Tell her, you may, that she and her handmaidens to Alderaan will go."

Palpatine gave them effusive thanks, then bowed and hurried back to his quarters. He refrained from cackling and rubbing his hands together. The time for that would come later, now things would progress rapidly and he must concentrate all his efforts on ensuring Skywalker's turn to the Dark Side.


He met them separately, first seeking out Anakin to give him the good news. He had his protocol droid call Skywalker to his quarters again and greeted him with a somber expression.

"Much as it grieves me, young man, I must give the guardianship of my Queen over to you. Not that I think you won't take good care of her, but she is all that remains of my home world." He held his hand out to Anakin, who took it cautiously, an uncertain expression in his eyes. "I ask that you promise to ensure her safety at all time."

"Chancellor, I vow I'll let nothing happen to her. I'd sooner die than let her be hurt. She means more to me than you can imagine," he assured Palpatine.

The Chancellor gave him a kind smile. "Of course. I know you will do your best. Just remember if things become... shall we say... less than optimal on Alderaan...you both are welcome back here on Coruscant."

Anakin murmured his thanks and something about needing to prepare for the trip, but Palpatine wasn't finished with him yet. "A moment more, if you will. I also wished to extend another sort of offer to you."

That stopped the youngster in his tracks. "Yes, Chancellor?"

"If at any time you feel a need for another career path, come see me. I have a position in mind that only one of your special... abilities... can fill." He gave a conspiratorial wink. "But this is just between you and me. No need for Knight Kenobi to know of it."

With a respectful bow, Anakin bade him farewell. Palpatine opened up a stream of Force sense, picking up the young man's curiosity and worry that there was more to the Chancellor than met the eye. Good. Let him wonder. In the past, Palpatine had known Anakin felt 'something' in his presence. As time went on, the Sith Master would allow him more and more access to him...feeding him the Dark Side energies until he could no longer deny their attraction. Still, the Light had a strong hold on him and it would require something terribly painful to wrench him into the shadows.


The inactivity drove Amidala near madness. All her life she'd prepared to rule Naboo. Until now she'd always been busy, either with affairs of state or training. She found waiting the hardest thing to do well. With her home in ruins, her people dead and her husband preparing to go the next place targeted for Mandalorian attack, an almost desperate frenzy seized her. When she drove the others to distraction with her pacing, she turned to the holovid, watching for any further news of Mandalorian activities.

Chancellor Palpatine found her that way, bent over the screen, her gaze glued to it with a glassy-eyed stare. She looked pale, her eyes with dark circles beneath them. He tsked to himself. Wouldn't do for her to make herself ill. That might endanger the child she carried. He cleared his throat, trying to wake her from her trance-like state.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, Your Majesty, but I have some excellent news. Certainly something we can all use these days," he told her gently.

"My apologies, Chancellor. I've not been myself since..." She straightened, drawing her composure around herself with an obvious effort. "What news do you have?"

"The Jedi Council has granted permission, at my urging, for you to go with your husband. They agreed to allow you and your handmaidens to seek a new home on Alderaan for as long as you wish...or as long as it's safe." He patted her shoulder in reassurance. "My dear, you must care for yourself in the eventuality that we can restore Naboo. Never give up hope."

Amidala gave him a wan smile and thanked him. He left her under the tender ministrations of what was left of her gaggle of handmaidens, satisfied she would do as he bid this time. Under her cool exterior, he sensed her despair... much deeper than the last time he'd assaulted her authority.

After a quick glance around, he chuckled. Yes, indeed, the girl did have her uses despite her troublesome nature. He thanked the Dark Side the Jedi had never found her as a child on Naboo. She had potential as a Force user, though he doubted any had detected it excepting him. Combined with the remarkable talents of young Skywalker, their child should display one of the most incredible talents in history. One Palpatine intended to see written as Sith, not Jedi, history.

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